The Hyundai Accent Performs Well

Hyundai sells a multitude of vehicles with the Accent consistently ranking high on popularity lists. The subcompact sedan does well in the marketplace with its performance features helping to sell the model.

The engine delivers 130 horsepower, a nice amount for a subcompact. A four-cylinder engine -- a 1.6 liter one -- generates the necessary horsepower to move the vehicle. The power comes with Hyundai's vaunted fuel economy as well. Upwards of 38 mpg on the highway is possible. Non-highway driving delivers about 28 mpg.

The handling on a Hyundai Accent delivers a smooth ride. The vehicle isn't intended for racing or off-road excursions. Most use an Accent for regular commuting and normal drives. For those uses, the handling shouldn't likely disappoint.

We here at Russell Westbrook Hyundai of Anaheim want you to learn more about the performance capabilities of the Hyundai Accent. Our crew in Anaheim would appreciate you coming over and taking the Accent for a test drive.



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